Sometimes, we get it wrong. And if we’ve got it wrong to the extent that you wish to make a complaint about airUK, this is the place to be.

Before you complete the complaints form, please familiarise yourself with the Broadcasting Standards. These are the rules that the presenters abide by, and also gives a summary as to what is, and isn’t, considered to be a valid complaint.

If you still wish to make a complaint, please use the form below which will guide you through the process.

Once your complaint has been received, the following steps will take place:

  1. Your comments will be assessed to ensure that your complaint is valid
  2. We will listen back to the output that has given you cause to complain, and investigate with the presenter(s) involved
  3. Any punitive action deemed necessary will be taken against the presenter(s), or, in the event that the song is in our automated music library, removed.
  4. We will publish the results of our investigation, including whether the complaint has been upheld or not, and what actions were taken.

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